Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Master Key Experience, Week 3: I Am Changing!

This week, I've made a promise to myself:

"Should there be anything 'too good to be true' in the Master Key Experience,
I believe it anyway - for I have nothing to lose, but 
everything to gain!" 
                                                                     - And I always keep my promises. 

My old blueprint is being re-written. Small changes, perhaps, but changes nevertheless! This being only the 3rd week out of 6 MONTHS all together, I can't stop but wondering which changes I will make in the months to come! But let me not haste, but rather celebrate the changes I have noticed. 

Ahh, the magic of repeating!! 
1) Little did I know that the repeating of "Do it Now!" 25 x, twice a day could cause such an impact!! (If I have been a master of anything before, I've been a master of procrastination). But lo and behold - I now DO stuff and I want to be a Master of 'Doing it Now!'
2) Little did I know that my subby would actually take me seriously when I keep repeating my PPN's! But she does, even if my old blueprint is kicking and screaming. (But we all know who will win THAT battle! Ha!)

The other change I'm seeing is with what I choose to feed my mind. (I used to binge watch all kinds of brain-dead series on various streaming platforms). This week, whenever I've felt like kicking back and just watch something, it's been "feel-good" series and friendly talk shows, or even uplifting stuff such as "You are the Placebo" with Joe Dispenza (which I highly recommend!), and other relevant videos on YouTube - relevant as in in line with the teachings of the Master Key Experience; topics I want to feed to my mind and, in turn, teach my subconscious. 

I am also much more aware when I hear myself complain, and I am getting better at stopping myself in the tracks. Same goes for stopping my own negative self-talk and whenever I feel, think, or say anything that is nothing more than my old blueprint's pessimistic B.S.! Admittedly, I am not a master at stopping it yet - but I am improving!

My mind is The Watchman of the Gate - whatever my mind is thinking of, my subby will be influenced by. Period. I do not want to engage in conversations that only causes stress, fear, anxiety and the likesHaving said that, I want to be able to "shut off my mind's ear", or at least not having a fearful reaction to whatever is thrown my way. But until I can do that, (and I am confident that we will learn how as this course unfolds), I am in charge of what I allow entering into my mind. 

This week I am really enjoying reading the Master Keys! I find everything regarding the Solar Plexus very interesting. For much too long I have been painfully aware of that part of my body, as if my Solar Plexus has been nothing but a hard knot. However, for the past 8 months yoga and meditation have helped me to get a better flow of energy through the Solar Plexus, and now I have yet another power tool - The Master Key Experience - to achieve a healthy flow; a flow that is now in the process of healing my entire body from the injuries and illnesses that have stopped me from living a life FREE of chronic pain. Let me say that again: A flow that is now in the process of healing my entire body. It has not healed yet, but the process has begun even if I can't notice it. In fact, I overdid some physical labour the other day, thinking '"My spine has healed!" - but of course it hadn't ...not yet!  I had to remind myself of this line from Scroll 1: "Yet, within my allotted time I must practise the art of patience for nature acts never in haste." 

Patience, Bibi. P a t i e n c e.  

It's all good. Relax.

♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Fabulous@ What a journey and so much happening in progressions. I love the result of do it now too - thanks for sharing your process.

  2. Fabulous observations Bibi, when we do what we know to do and do it consistently, shift happens.

  3. Thank you for sharing - I can relate to the Solar Plexus knot - knowing now that fear is what will block me and stop manifestation in its tracks has made me acutely aware of this area of my body - thanks for sharing

  4. Great writing great information mahalo for the Joe Dispenza book reference you journey is going to be amazing!


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