Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Master Key Experience - Week 6: I'm in Shape!

Jokingly, I have always said, "I'm in shape. Round is a shape!"

But that's not the kind of shape I'm talking about. I am surrounded by shapes of blue rectangles, red circles, green triangles, and yellow squares - all over my house, and my boyfriend's house (where I spend a lot of time), in the car, in my pencil case (which doubles as my purse)..., on the outside of the MKE ring binders, yup, all over the place. And I'm lovin' it!

There are also oranges, everywhere!!

The oranges are a symbol of my retreat in Spain, they're also mentioned a few times in my Press Release, which you can read here.

I loved working on my "Movie Poster", aka Dream Board! After the webinar, I stayed up into the wee morning hours to fill in my 2 x PPN's and 2 x Smart Goals inside the shapes. I also found some photos I wanted to include on my Poster. It felt great finding those photos, I was living my dream and visualising it. I FELT it!!

I have the original taped to the top of the PC monitor - standing up above it - and I printed out a few letter sized ones to keep in my binders and at strategic places around the house; one is also taped to the back of my DMP. The index card sized posters work as bookmarks in the Greatest Salesman on Earth (so I see it at least 3 x daily), and another one in my pencil case (where the blue, red, green and yellow markers are), and I'm using a photo of it as the background on my PC screen and phone.

One of the things I loved about this week's webinar was the part about how we see our future as a total stranger, but now we're going to make our future self our very best friend! YESSSS! Love that! This previous procrastinator NEEDED to hear that!! I'm done expecting my future self to clean up after my present self!

As always, the Questions & Answers at the end of the webinar was awesome! I always learn so much from the questions asked, and I LOVE seeing how the Davene, Mark and the entire staff responds - they walk their talk! ♥ 

Reading Scroll II is also awesome and I'm so glad that we have the entire month of November to read it, 3 x daily. This is a new habit that I KNOW will make a huge difference in my life, as well as in the lives of everyone I encounter. Fantastic!!

I have changed so much already, compared to where I was when we started 6 weeks ago. If you read my first post, you might remember I was not at a good place ... but now? Holy macaroni, I'm so exited and happy! Funny story: when we had the first snowfall of the year the other day, I gave it a two thumbs up and I smiled from ear to ear. My darling boyfriend wasn't happy about the snow (he was about to take our dog out for a walk) and said, "Stop smiling!!" Cracked me up! He better get used to it, 'cos this gal ain't gonna stop smiling!! (In his defence, he has also complimented me on the positive changes he has observed. PS: By the next morning, the snow was gone).

Even if I'm smiling a LOT nowadays and feel an optimism about myself and the future that I have never been remotely close to before, I do fall now and then (but I get back up!), and I find myself sharing my opinions still (but only a fraction of the amount I used to...), and sometimes I stress; worried that there was an assigment or exercise I forgot or that there was something I misunderstood, but I remind myself that it's all good .... and that a relaxed mind is vital, no, crucial! Take a deep breath ... and repeat:

be the journey

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My organically grown oranges taste like a mouthful of sunshine!


  1. Isn't it just amazing how we are noticing all the colours and shapes around us which just seem to pop out everywhere. Thank you for sharing :-)

    1. It sure is amazing! Thank you for linking to my post from yours this week. I've added yours too now :-)

  2. I love your post Bibi - I can taste those oranges! Keep on smiling and the whole world smiles with you!

    1. Thank you! :-) How cool that you can taste the oranges!

  3. Oh wow! Glorious! I love it!!! So creative and fun!

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