Friday, 27 December 2019

Master Key Experience, Week 13 - Grateful for Gratefulness

What if you woke up tomorrow 
with only what you were grateful for today?

How's that for a kick-in-the-butt reminder!?

Last winter I bought a journal where one of the exercises was to write down three things I was grateful for, every single day. I was at a really bad place at the time (for months) and I only managed to write the name of my dog and the name of my boyfriend. I simply could not think of anything else to be grateful for! I had pretty much lost the will to live. This was nearly a year ago, and things have changed since then. Actually, things haven't changed that much - I have changed!

Nowadays, the daily habit of writing down three things I'm grateful for is a breeze. I can easily name thousands of things, circumstances and people to be grateful for. And I mean truly grateful, not just saying it but being truly grateful.

More than anything, I am grateful for gratefulness. I am grateful that I AM grateful for so many things. I am grateful for being in a grateful state of mind.

Today I am even grateful for the challenges I meet, for they show me that I am a lion and I DO persist! This week has been particularly challenging for two reasons:
1. I've had my demented mother staying with me.
2. I quit smoking - while she was here.  (The worst lousy timing, but I had made a promise).

I have been so ashamed. How can True Health be one of my PPN's if I kept smoking!!?? Well, I kept looking for a sign, something that would make quitting that nasty habit easier for me ... and then I saw Week 13's webinar when Mark explained what NARC stands for (Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning), and how to use it ... and I cried and cried. Because I KNEW that if I didn't quit smoking, I might as well leave my entire DMP in the trash. Not just for a few minutes, but forever.

And there is NO way I'm trashing my DMP! I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep it out of the trash!!

Today I am grateful for bursting into tears for no apparent reason, for swearing, for throwing tantrums, and feeling miserable because I know these are just reactions to my quitting smoking.

For some people the worst trigger when they quit smoking is talking on the phone. For me it's writing because I used to chain smoke while writing....  Today I am grateful that I will not beat myself up just because I wrote the most boring blog post. It is what it is and writing gets me in a very crappy mood. Just be grateful that it's temporary. I know I am.


Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Master Key Experience, Week 12 - I Can Smell my Dream!

In the intro video for Week 12 of the Master Key Experience, Mark talks about how we can vitalise our goals by using The Five Human Senses: Visual (seeing), Auditive (hearing), Tactile (touch), Olfactory (smell), Gustatory (taste). We're going to use ALL FIVE to give vitality our DMP (Definite Major Purpose), and I LOVE this exercise!

One of my Personal Pivoting Needs (PPN) is Recognition for Creative Expression, and my first creative goal is to have my book published by May 2023.

Let's see how many senses I can add to that goal:

How does a book smell? Well, if you love reading - that's an easy question! Before I start reading a book, I love flipping through the pages to smell it first ... I also enjoy the sound and sight of the pages as they flip by. Touch? Oh, definitely! I often "see" with my fingers, I touch everything! 

One last sense, the taste ... taste a book? Well, I've been known to taste worse .... (Icelandic fermented shark? Worst taste ever!!) 

Instead of eating a book page, I can add whichever taste I want. I can eat an orange as I flip through those pages (the orange is also the symbol for another goal - buying a retreat in Spain). When I flip through the pages of a book, it's not just "a book" - it's my book, at it's been published! To further enhance the visual sense, I've designed a book cover with my book title on the front and my name right under it. I've prinetd it out and adhered it to a brand new book - I can now SEE my published book, touch it, hear it, smell it, while tasting that yummy orange!

As for my retreat in Spain, I have smelled that place while reading my DMP and Press Release. The smell of the stone buildings (I love the smell of stones!), the smell of the oranges in the grove, the smell of my rescue dogs and rescue donkeys - I love all those smells, and my nose's memory bank brings those smells back to me as if they were happening right now. I have never been very auditive so I haven't "heard" anything when I read or think about my DMP, but I in my Press Release I have mentioned the sound of ice cubes bobbing up and down in a glass of orange juice. This week I have managed to add a few more sounds and will work on that till I get at least three more (I persist until I succeed!). The visuals are in place, no hay problema, but the touch has only been that of petting my dogs and donkeys, and swimming in the pool. I've added more touch now, such as touching the leaves of the orange trees, touching the stone walls that are warm from the sun, sitting on the cool grass in the shade, and feeling the light breeze from the sea as it touches my warm skin. Obviously, those are "made up" touches in my mind, but I can still feel them! (Cool fact: The human brain is easily tricked into believing that our imagination is real!)

Unlike Mark and Davene, who can walk down to the Sheraton Hotel at Kauai to vitalise their dream, I can't stroll down to Spain ... I might visit once or twice a year before I actually live there, but I can always travel there in my imagination to add vitality to my DMP. I can also look at pictures from Spain (which I often do!), and I listen to Spanish radio even if I don't understand much of what they're saying - yet. This Sunday I signed up for a local 'Spanish for Beginners' class that starts in February. This has been on my Bucket List for years, but I've kept putting it off .... till now! It's finally happening and I'm so excited!!  I have tried a couple of online Spanish classes before, but couldn't keep it up for more than a couple of weeks or so. I didn't have any good habits in place back then...  But now that I have learnt how to implement good habits with the Master Key Experience, it will make a world of a difference! 

I want to learn Spanish so I can communicate with the locals in their own language. As a tourist you can easily get by in English, but it's important to me to know the native language when I'm staying there at a permanent basis. Besides, learning languages is FUN! I speak six, if only two fluently. Unfortunately, French is not one of them.... but even so:

I AM GOING TO FRANCE! In June! To the Master Key Experience Live Event! For the first time ever, they're hosting one in Europe, and I've got the tickets! Yes, plural - I've invited my darling boyfriend to come with me. He's not taking the Master Key Experience, but he'll join us for all the activities after our daily classes.

I can't wait to meet Mark and the Fabulous Davene, their staff, the guides, and other MKE members! I can't wait to spend time with like minded people, to learn, to grow, to share, to have fun. I can't wait to dig my toes into the sand of the French Riviera, to swim, to dine, and to explore the area. If you are in the Master Key Experience and you're going to the event in France, let me know with a comment below or drop me an email at bibilindahl @

12 weeks ago, I was worried whether I could afford the ink to print out some 20-30 pages a week (Master Key lesson, workbook, and slides). But look at me now - ordering plane tickets to France for two, renting a flat for us in Jean-les-Pins for 8 days, and paying for the Master Key Live Event. What the heck has happened?? I'll save that incredible story for another blog post .... 

I can smell my dream ...

and it's magical!

be the journey
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Friday, 13 December 2019

Master Key Experience, Week 11 - Honey, I'm home!

I was away for three days this week, to see my dear dad who lives on the other side of the country. To the right is a photo of him, holding a heart shaped lollipop I gave him ♥ 

I had taken the print-outs for Week 11 with me so I could read while away, but I didn't get a chance to be alone often enough to do my usual three reads a day.

It was really nice to spend time with my dad and his girlfriend, as well as my beloved niece and nephew who came with me on this trip. I don't see my dad often since we live so far apart, so I chose to be with him as much as possible while we were there, even if that meant my "homework" had to suffer. My dad has not been well lately, but he has dodget the bullet before. I can only hope and pray that he will get better.

I had to wait till I was back home to watch the whole replay of the Sunday webinar.  Seeing the feedback from other members at the beginning was both moving and uplifting! I also loved the talk with Justin, and the video about the amazing  D.J. Gregory. WOW! If you'd like to know more about this guy, check out his website - Walking for Kids

Regarding our One Sentence DMP, I wasn't sure whether to follow the instructions in the workbook or to look at Mark's and Davene's sentences for guidance (the latter two are much longer and detailed than the workbook examples). My first draft was rather long and I shared it with my two Mastermind groups. Some said it was too long, some liked it the way it was ... After their feedback I ended up with a shorter version, which I sent to my guide on Thursday. I haven't heard back from her yet, so we'll see. This is my one sentence DMP (for now, anyway):

I am an author earning over 100 million Norwegian kroner from my first novel to buy a retreat in the south of Spain.

Like Mark said, our subby will remember the rest. I read my full DMP 2-3 times a day, I listen to my DMP recording, and I look at my dream board several times a day. In addition to the posters around the house, I use an index card sized version as a bookmark,  and a photo of it as the background on my phone. (I moved all the icons to the next page, so that none covers the background photo when I open my phone).

I watched the Finding your Purpose webbies last week, but I am still uncertain of my two words
I am a ______  ______ (fill in the blanks).
I am a zestful host. 
I am a creative artist. 
I am an inspirational teacher. 
I am a bestselling author. 

I am all that, and I do not know how to pick only one. Any thoughts, insight, help? Anyone? Is it because I'm a Blue with a lot of White that makes it so hard for me to choose? I have always had a hard time making decisions, always weighing back and forth, analysing, doubting, afraid I'll miss out on a better choice ....

What is my colour? Turquoise with a slice of red!

I am very happy and grateful that I got to spend three days my beloved dad this week, and now it's good to be back home - back to my reading and exercises routines, and back to connecting with everyone via the member's area, twitter, blogs, and more Marco Poloing. I want to thank each and every one of you for making the MKE feel like home.

be the journey
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Master Key Experience, Week 10 - Today is My Birthday!

On the 4th of December 1966, my mother gave birth to a beautiful baby.

This child was such a precious golden nugget! Life was good.
For a while.

Life threw me a few curve balls and the golden child slowly faded away, until you could barely see her inner twinkle.... The gold was still there, though! Just hidden under layers of mud, much of it hard as cement. (You may watch a movie clip which explains the metaphor of the Golden Buddha by clicking here).

Let's not dwell on the past. Bygones! I have forgiven the "mud slingers". They, too, were once a "Golden Buddha" and whatever wrongs they said and did to me were simply due to the mud they were covered by. But underneath all that is the golden nugget of perfection that they used to be ... Forgiving is easy when I remind myself of that fact.

 As the weeks go by on my amazing journey with the Master Key Experience,  I'm chipping off more and more of that cemented mud covering my own golden nugget

Today is my birthday and I am celebrating a new life! 
A new and GOOD life!

My Definite Major Purpose in life was previously nothing but a dream. Today it is a plan and I have faith that it will happen the way I think and feel about it, visualise it, focus and contemplate on it. 

My dream was big, but my plan is HUGE! 

Abundance is a natural law of the Universe. The evidence of this law is conclusive; we see it on every hand. Everywhere Nature is lavish, wasteful, extravagant. Nowhere is economy observed in any created thing. Profusion is manifested in everything. The millions and millions of trees and flowers and plants and animals and the vast scheme of reproduction where the process of creating and recreating is forever going on, all indicates the lavishness with which Nature has made provision for man. That there is an abundance for everyone is evident, but that many fail to participate in this abundance is also evident; they have not yet come into a realisation of the Universality of all substance, and that mind is the active principle whereby we are related to the things we desire.  (Master Key System, 10.1)

Today is my birthday and I am deeply grateful to be alive! Today I am celebrating my present life and my future! And I know my future will be WONDERFUL!!

My affirmation, which I repeat several times a day:

Persist & Prosper!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Feel free to use the image above.
I added the text to a photo found at Pixabay,
100% royalty free. I'm not affiliated.


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