Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Master Key Experience, Week 10 - Today is My Birthday!

On the 4th of December 1966, my mother gave birth to a beautiful baby.

This child was such a precious golden nugget! Life was good.
For a while.

Life threw me a few curve balls and the golden child slowly faded away, until you could barely see her inner twinkle.... The gold was still there, though! Just hidden under layers of mud, much of it hard as cement. (You may watch a movie clip which explains the metaphor of the Golden Buddha by clicking here).

Let's not dwell on the past. Bygones! I have forgiven the "mud slingers". They, too, were once a "Golden Buddha" and whatever wrongs they said and did to me were simply due to the mud they were covered by. But underneath all that is the golden nugget of perfection that they used to be ... Forgiving is easy when I remind myself of that fact.

 As the weeks go by on my amazing journey with the Master Key Experience,  I'm chipping off more and more of that cemented mud covering my own golden nugget

Today is my birthday and I am celebrating a new life! 
A new and GOOD life!

My Definite Major Purpose in life was previously nothing but a dream. Today it is a plan and I have faith that it will happen the way I think and feel about it, visualise it, focus and contemplate on it. 

My dream was big, but my plan is HUGE! 

Abundance is a natural law of the Universe. The evidence of this law is conclusive; we see it on every hand. Everywhere Nature is lavish, wasteful, extravagant. Nowhere is economy observed in any created thing. Profusion is manifested in everything. The millions and millions of trees and flowers and plants and animals and the vast scheme of reproduction where the process of creating and recreating is forever going on, all indicates the lavishness with which Nature has made provision for man. That there is an abundance for everyone is evident, but that many fail to participate in this abundance is also evident; they have not yet come into a realisation of the Universality of all substance, and that mind is the active principle whereby we are related to the things we desire.  (Master Key System, 10.1)

Today is my birthday and I am deeply grateful to be alive! Today I am celebrating my present life and my future! And I know my future will be WONDERFUL!!

My affirmation, which I repeat several times a day:

Persist & Prosper!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Happy birthday Bibi I wish you an amazing day, thank you for sharing your experiences. You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy 😁 and Thank for the mention of my blog and podcast.

    love and light ❤️😊

  2. Hi Bibi Happy happy birthday to you, most of all for being the person you are today We are many with a bad past, it is bygones We are all whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy We have a plan We build from abundance we are greeting this day with love, and persist till we succeed Thank you for your help last week, I feel we both are having breakthrough week by week The plan huge? It will be bigger sooner than you think. Keep going ... .

    1. Thank you so much, John! ❤️ New breakthroughs are waiting for us!


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