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Master Key Experience, Week 12 - I Can Smell my Dream!

In the intro video for Week 12 of the Master Key Experience, Mark talks about how we can vitalise our goals by using The Five Human Senses: Visual (seeing), Auditive (hearing), Tactile (touch), Olfactory (smell), Gustatory (taste). We're going to use ALL FIVE to give vitality our DMP (Definite Major Purpose), and I LOVE this exercise!

One of my Personal Pivoting Needs (PPN) is Recognition for Creative Expression, and my first creative goal is to have my book published by May 2023.

Let's see how many senses I can add to that goal:

How does a book smell? Well, if you love reading - that's an easy question! Before I start reading a book, I love flipping through the pages to smell it first ... I also enjoy the sound and sight of the pages as they flip by. Touch? Oh, definitely! I often "see" with my fingers, I touch everything! 

One last sense, the taste ... taste a book? Well, I've been known to taste worse .... (Icelandic fermented shark? Worst taste ever!!) 

Instead of eating a book page, I can add whichever taste I want. I can eat an orange as I flip through those pages (the orange is also the symbol for another goal - buying a retreat in Spain). When I flip through the pages of a book, it's not just "a book" - it's my book, at it's been published! To further enhance the visual sense, I've designed a book cover with my book title on the front and my name right under it. I've prinetd it out and adhered it to a brand new book - I can now SEE my published book, touch it, hear it, smell it, while tasting that yummy orange!

As for my retreat in Spain, I have smelled that place while reading my DMP and Press Release. The smell of the stone buildings (I love the smell of stones!), the smell of the oranges in the grove, the smell of my rescue dogs and rescue donkeys - I love all those smells, and my nose's memory bank brings those smells back to me as if they were happening right now. I have never been very auditive so I haven't "heard" anything when I read or think about my DMP, but I in my Press Release I have mentioned the sound of ice cubes bobbing up and down in a glass of orange juice. This week I have managed to add a few more sounds and will work on that till I get at least three more (I persist until I succeed!). The visuals are in place, no hay problema, but the touch has only been that of petting my dogs and donkeys, and swimming in the pool. I've added more touch now, such as touching the leaves of the orange trees, touching the stone walls that are warm from the sun, sitting on the cool grass in the shade, and feeling the light breeze from the sea as it touches my warm skin. Obviously, those are "made up" touches in my mind, but I can still feel them! (Cool fact: The human brain is easily tricked into believing that our imagination is real!)

Unlike Mark and Davene, who can walk down to the Sheraton Hotel at Kauai to vitalise their dream, I can't stroll down to Spain ... I might visit once or twice a year before I actually live there, but I can always travel there in my imagination to add vitality to my DMP. I can also look at pictures from Spain (which I often do!), and I listen to Spanish radio even if I don't understand much of what they're saying - yet. This Sunday I signed up for a local 'Spanish for Beginners' class that starts in February. This has been on my Bucket List for years, but I've kept putting it off .... till now! It's finally happening and I'm so excited!!  I have tried a couple of online Spanish classes before, but couldn't keep it up for more than a couple of weeks or so. I didn't have any good habits in place back then...  But now that I have learnt how to implement good habits with the Master Key Experience, it will make a world of a difference! 

I want to learn Spanish so I can communicate with the locals in their own language. As a tourist you can easily get by in English, but it's important to me to know the native language when I'm staying there at a permanent basis. Besides, learning languages is FUN! I speak six, if only two fluently. Unfortunately, French is not one of them.... but even so:

I AM GOING TO FRANCE! In June! To the Master Key Experience Live Event! For the first time ever, they're hosting one in Europe, and I've got the tickets! Yes, plural - I've invited my darling boyfriend to come with me. He's not taking the Master Key Experience, but he'll join us for all the activities after our daily classes.

I can't wait to meet Mark and the Fabulous Davene, their staff, the guides, and other MKE members! I can't wait to spend time with like minded people, to learn, to grow, to share, to have fun. I can't wait to dig my toes into the sand of the French Riviera, to swim, to dine, and to explore the area. If you are in the Master Key Experience and you're going to the event in France, let me know with a comment below or drop me an email at bibilindahl @

12 weeks ago, I was worried whether I could afford the ink to print out some 20-30 pages a week (Master Key lesson, workbook, and slides). But look at me now - ordering plane tickets to France for two, renting a flat for us in Jean-les-Pins for 8 days, and paying for the Master Key Live Event. What the heck has happened?? I'll save that incredible story for another blog post .... 

I can smell my dream ...

and it's magical!

be the journey
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. If I'm reading a proper book I always smell them, just something about the deferent smells of old and new books ��. Love how you are putting everything together now, it's a shame I can't make France but no doubt we will meet at some point in our journey ��♥️

    1. Thank you so much, Gav! ♥ Yup, few things can beat the smell of a new book (puppy breath wins, though!). If we won't meet in France this summer, another oppurtunity will present itself - we'll make it so! ♥

  2. Thank you for your wisdom and your emotions . I can smell the oranges too . You are in your way to being that great writer and you nailed the senses . You are truly on your way ! I’m excited about your success !

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words, Phil! ♥ I really appreciate your support!! Thanks for believing in me! ♥

  3. I love your Post Bibi - Its so evocative and show how effortless it can be to add the five senses - your enthusiasm is infectious.

    1. Thank you! ♥ I'm glad to hear my enthusiasm is infectious :-)

  4. So excited for you! I could smell, see and feel your dreams! Your book! The fragrances. Fabulous! So excited for you!! Yay for Europe MKMMA!

    1. Thank you, Stephana! ♥ Can't wait to go to the event in France!

  5. Super exciting Bibi! Great illustrations of how the 5 senses can enhance the DMP, this experience and really anything we want to achieve.

  6. Thank you for sharing all that is happening!! So exciting to hear how everything is connecting for you!!


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