Friday, 31 January 2020

Master Key Experience, Week 17 HJ - Smell the Goddamn Roses, Will Ya?

I have been unusually busy with appoinments and spending time with friends this week. I have fallen behind on my daily exercises and felt that time has ran by really fast. I have not been able to keep up. 

Sure, I have read The Greatest Salesman in The World every day. I have listened to my own recording of it, too, as well as my own recording of the Blue Print Builder, The 7 Laws of the Mind, The Law of Giving, and I have read and/or listened to several chapters of the Master Key System. I have also read my brand new DMP out loud, shared it, and listened to my recording of it and, my fave of them all right now - flipped through all the index cards. Oh, and I also did my weekly service already on Monday. I guess I have done most of the work ....

So why do I feel that I haven't kept up?

Because most of the work is not 100 %, and that's what I expect of myself.

And I should have translated my new DMP onto my own mother tongue.

But I haven't. (Edit: Two days later, done!)

And I should have re-written my Press Release now that I've changed a part of my DMP.

But I haven't, not yet.  (Edit: Three days later, done!)

But what's worse - I have felt stressed out because of it. I have beaten myself up over it.


Am I pretending not to know that a relaxed mind is one of the major keys??

It's time to stop and smell the roses .... It's all good. Relax!

Photo from Pixabay. My own text. Feel free to use.

I will keep calm, I am keeping calm, even if I haven't done everything this week. Even if this blog post is published a few hours later than it should'a been. But it's here. I am here. And I am calm. I am grateful.  

And guess what - 
I am happy! 

be the journey
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
With Love,

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Friday, 24 January 2020

Master Key Experience, Week 17 - I am Lion. Hear me Roar!

For this 3rd week of the Franklin Makeover, I had picked "Courage" for the virtue I could improve on the most. In addition to that, I keep observing kindnesses like we all did last week. It has become a habit for me to do so, and since it is a good habit, it is my will :-)

A couple of days into this week, I started to wonder if perhaps it was my old blueprint - my former anxious self - that had chosen ' Courage' for this week's virtue ....  I used to need a lot of courage just to get through a normal day. But it's not like that any more. I can't remember the last time I had any signs of anxiety. It's been several months since I needed courage just to leave the house. I do anything I want to now, without feeling any fear at all. All thanks to the work I have been doing on my journey these past 17 weeks with the Master Key Experience!

So why did I pick courage. What do I need it for? 

For is it not so that in order to feel courageous, there has to be something you're afraid to do or say, yet you do it anyway? If you're not afraid to do/say something, you don't need to feel courageous to do it. Right? That has always been my definition of the word. But .....

We've been told to use a dictionary, so I did - just in case I had an incorrect definition of the word 'courage' ....

This is what the Merriam-Webster dictionary says:


cour·​age | \ ˈkər-ij  , ˈkə-rij \

mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

Hmmm...... 'difficulty'? If one needs courage to persevere in spite of difficulty, that changes the meaning of courage quite a lot!! If you don't have to be afraid in order to be courageous, then there are people with courage everywhere I turn! People venture, persevere, and withstand difficulties all the time!

I have also used Haanel's "battleship exercise" in my search for courage. In every invention and in every design, someone has had the courage to take the object of their imagination through all the necessary steps to have it put into production. THAT takes  courageous perseverance!

This week I received a lovely homemade card from a friend in the US. There is no way she could have known that I'm focusing on courage this week, yet when I open the card from her, this is what it says inside:

On Wednesday I had a very peculiar experience, an epiphany really, that made me question an important part of my Definite Major Purpose (DMP). It was quite a shock, I thought I had totally nailed my DMP! Thank heavens for Masterminding!! I got to talk about this epiphany and what it would mean with two guides (thank you, Maria and Claes!) and three of my Masterminders on Zoom (thank you Nina, Gavin, and Phil!), who all helped me see how great it was that I get to tweak and refine my DMP to make it exactly the way I want!

My two main PPN's remain the same, my Definite Major Purpose remains the same, but the location I have described in my DMP and Press Release is off. Not just by a mile or two, but by an entire continent. I'm not moving to the south of Spain, I'm staying up north in Norway. I need to GET to re-write my DMP, Press Release, Shapes and a few index cards. 

Changing my DMP at this point in my journey will take a lot of courage, but you know what?

I give myself permission to be courageous! 

 'Cos, you see, deep down - underneath the remaining cement:

Photo from Pixabay. My own text. Feel free to use.

What are YOU giving yourself permission to be, do or have?
Let me know inn the comments below.

I wish you a day filled with wonder!
♥ ♥ ♥

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Thursday, 16 January 2020

Master Key Experience, Week 16 - Free Hugs, Anyone?

What happens if hundreds of people focus on the same thing? It grows, in multitudes! And that's what we have experienced this week, when the entire school focused on kindness.

I have really enjoyed reading the comments about Kindness in our Master Mind Alliance group this week. I know Davene is busy counting all these lovely comments, to see whether there are enough for the staff and guides to celebrate by giving out free hugs this weekend. (Here's a video from the free hugs they did in 2018).

I think that we will break the record this year! In fact, one of my Mastermind partners and I were so confident that we'd break the record that we decided to "act as if it has already happened" by giving out free hugs on the street on Monday.

We made signs that said, "Free Hugs!" and "Do you want a HUG?" (the latter in our native language, Norwegian), hung them around our necks and started walking around down-town here in Fredrikstad...  

Norwegians are not exactly famous for being chatty with strangers. If you start talking to someone on the bus or when you stand in line, they'll most likely think you're missing a few marbles ... But to Nina's and my surprise, people obviously thought this "free hugs" thing was a good idea, and we lost count of how many people we hugged that day!

We hugged kids, old folks, adults, and teens. Yes, even teens! A group of teen girls were pointing and snickering when they saw us, but all but one of them were more than happy to hug us when we asked.

Out of all the people we offered a free hug, only 3 or 4 said no. Saying no to a hug from strangers is perfectly fine, of course, and we just wished them a nice day. 

Some people hugged for real, not just a polite hug, they embraced us. 

The more people we hugged, the more happiness we saw, the happier Nina and I got, too. This was such a fun and lovely experience, we have saved the signs so we can do it again every now and then! 

I have many more hugs to give away ... Let me know in the comments below if you want one. 

If you don't feel like hugging strangers on the street, 
remember that a kind word is like a verbal hug. 

  • In Book II of "Rhetoric", Aristotle defines kindness as "helpfulness towards someone in need, not in return for anything, nor for the advantage of the helper himself, but for that of the person helped".
  • The movie 'Pay it Forward' illustrates the power one person can have to make an impact on a chain reaction of kind deeds. The philosophy of 'Pay It Forward' is that through acts of kindness among strangers, we all foster a more caring society.
  • In October 2011, 'Life Vest Inside' posted a video called "Kindness Boomerang". It shows how one act of kindness passes seamlessly from one person to the next and boomerangs back to the person who set it into motion. Within months after its release, Kindness Boomerang went viral. The video has been viewed over 32 million times! Here it is:

I wish you an abundance of kindness wherever you go
♥ ♥ ♥

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Thursday, 9 January 2020

Master Key Experience, Week 15 - What we Focus on Grows

This week, I am observing the virtue 'taking initiative' since that's the one I can improve on the most. What we focus on grows. 

I love being the observer, noticing people around me and thanking them (out loud or in silence) every time someone gives me a reason to add another dot on today's checklist.

In order to observe people, I need to be around them .... which is actually quite rare for me right now. But I can still observe when I'm home alone: I have noticed people online taking initiative, and I have been the one to take initiative - either around the house or in reaching out to someone. To get more dots every day, I have also observed people in movies taking the initiative.

The important thing here is that we focus on what we want more of, so I don't think it matters if the virtues we desire are found in fictional people from movies or books. I am also observing my dog and she represents a few checklist dots this week.

Another thing I have continued to focused on this week is gratitude. I know I've said this before, but I can't stress it enough: I am grateful for gratefulnessI am grateful that there are so many things to be grateful for, and that I actually feel grateful. I'm not just saying it or writing it down, I really FEEL the gratitude! And that is indeed something to be grateful for.

I have noticed that at least 80 % of the three things I'm grateful for every day is related to people. I'm either grateful simply for their existence, or for something someone did or said (to me or to others), or grateful for time we've spent together, things we've done, etc.... it's people, people, people! Which is kind of funny, coming from a "recovering introvert" who spent decades telling herself that she didn't need people at all. Ha! I love being wrong on that one :-)

I am also grateful for materialistic things, anything else would've been stupid .....

I am grateful for my house, my car, for my huge dining slash worktable, for the view, for my ice cube machine, for my comfy chair, my bed, the shower, the bathtub, my new tea cups, etc and so on (the list will be endless).

On Tuesday this week, my 21 year old nephew took the initiative (dot in checklist) to have breakfast at my place before he flew back to Trondheim where he goes to the University. While he was here, he told me about this video on Youtube about gratitude that he had seen (you can see it here). Bottom line of their video is that people who are grateful are happier (aka gratitude is the cause, not the result). How fantastic that my dear nephew learnt that at the age of only 21! We had a good talk about gratitude - I also told him about our daily "Three things I'm grateful for" exercise, and he said he would buy a journal when he gets home and daily write down three things for which he is grateful. LOVE IT!! 

For the past 2 weeks, I have been tremendously grateful for being able to walk. Yes, walk! I can walk at least 20 times further now than I have for the past three years. It's still not far by any other measure, but being able to walk one kilometre is HUGE for me and I've been crying like a baby out of gratefulness!

I want to end my post for today with a reminder (to myself and to you):

Thank you.

I wish you love and I wish you gratitude
♥ ♥ ♥


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Friday, 3 January 2020

Master Key Experience, Week 14 B - I Can't Quit Smoking!!

Last week I wrote a blog post about my quitting smoking and how hard it was. It's now been 10 days since I quit, but the truth is that I cannot quit, I can't stop smoking. Say WHAT?? Oh, doesn't mean that I started again! 

So what the heck do I mean?

If you are in the Master Key Experience, you know that we can't just quit a habit. We can, however, replace a bad habit with a good habit! We must always focus on what we want - not on what we don't want. Therefore I have not "quit smoking", but I AM breathing fresh air into my lungs! :-)

"For it is another of nature's laws that only a habit can subdue another habit." 
(Og Mandino, The Gratest Salesman in the World, Scroll 1).

In the past, I used to go outside and smoke to clear my mind. What a ridicilous notion! My new habit is to go outside, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the view. THAT habit does in fact clear my mind!

I will admit that I have tried smoking after I quit, but it tasted so bad I threw it away after two puffs.  I have also tried nicotine chewing gum, but I hated it. I felt that I needed some kind of help, so I've used a vapor to make it easier for myself. I honestly don't think I would have made it past the 3rd day without it ... (I had been smoking daily for nearly 40 years. Quitting cold turkey IS hard!). 

Knowing that it might take up to 90 days to replace any habit, let alone one that is physically addictive, means that it might be premature for me to celebrate my new habit of being a non-smoker - but I promise that I will never start smoking again. And I always keep my promises!

I have already noticed some benefits, and the best of them all is that I can walk further already! In case you do not know, I have a condition that during the past three years has caused a loss of about 50 % of the blood stream to my legs, which again has caused extreme pain in my leg muscles when I've walked more than some 20 meters - on a good day.

For the first time in THREE years I was able to take my dog for a long walk in the forest yesterday. Her paws were full of mud from her running free on the moist ground, and I loved it so much - this PROOF of us having a long walk together - I had to take a photo!

One month ago I had to pause four times to make it up the hill to my house. The day before yesterday I made it to the top of the hill for the first time without stopping once. Not once!! (I could hardly believe it). I don't think this is just because I no longer smoke - but of course it helps!!! Another thing that I am confident has helped is that every time I drink water, I say to myself 'This water cleanses my veins' (placebo effect), in addition to reading my DMP and future Press Release, and repeatedly looking at my dreamboard and shapes ... especially the blue rectangle where it says, "Walk 4 hours by May 2020". I know I will. I just KNOW!

The affirmation below, which I repeat several times a day, will give me the body I desire to have - one with a healthy blood stream that fills my entire body with oxygen!

This is my additional blog post for Week 14. The main post is here.

Thank you for reading!


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Master Key Experience, Week 14 - Backed by a Burning Desire

One of our exercises at the Master Key Experience this week was to watch one of the following movies (which are all based on true stories); 'October Sky', 'Cool Runnings', 'The Good Lie', 'Wild', 'Door to Door', 'Rudy', while identifying the four habits of persistence:

DMP: Definite Major Purpose (backed by a burning desire).

PMA: Positive Mental Attitude

POA: Plan of Action

MMA: Master Mind Alliance

I watched all the movies except Cool Runnings (seen it before), and I have chosen to write about the first one that I saw, 'Rudy' - a movie about the life of Daniel Ruettiger, who dreamt of playing American football at the University of Notre Dame.

First of all I want to recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't seen it! I was very moved by the story and how Rudy never gave up on his dream, in spite of several obstacles along the way. Very inspirational!!

Spoiler alert! Watch the movie before you read the rest.

Rudy's DMP was clearly to play football, and not just anywhere but at the Notre Dame University. His DMP was backed by a burning desire, even if he didn't really have the physique (he was quite small for a football player), nor did he have the grades required to get into Notre Dame, nor the money for tuition, nor the support from his family and friends, except his buddy Pete (his first MMA) - who was killed in an accident at their workplace.

It is obvious throughout the movie that Rudy indeed had a Positive Mental Attitude, for he did not give up no matter what life threw at him, and he did not listen to those who told him that his dream was not only impossible but also ridiculous! He is not discouraged when he gets rejected by Notre Dame at first, but continues to study to improve his grades.

For Rudy to achieve his DMP, his POA (Plan of Action) is to play football from an early age throughout high school. In order to get into Notre Dame, he needs to save up money (POA) and to improve his grades (POA) he gets enrolled at Holy Cross College with the help from a priest (Rudy's 2nd MMA). At Holy Cross he befriends teacher assistant D-Bob - Rudy's 3rd MMA. Rudy is broke and homeless, he approaches the head ground keeper at the Notre Dame stadium who eventually offers him a job (POA) there and also a place to live. The ground keeper turns out to be a former football player and is Rudy's 4th MMA. Rudy continues to work on his grades (POA) despite of three letters of rejection from Notre Dame. When he finally gets in, he gets on the team as a practise roster (POA) and never misses a single practise in two years (POA). He keeps giving what is best for the team (POA + Law of Giving), and it finally pays off when he gets to dress for the last game that season. The team is his major MMA - they all want Rudy to dress, and they all want him to play. Had it not been for the MMA of his team, the coach would not have allowed Rudy to play at all, but eventually he does and after the game Rudy is carried out in victory by his team members.

I found it very interesting to watch all these movies with the DMP, PMA, POA, and MMA in mind, and I have a feeling that I will continue to do so when I watch movies - especially those with a happy ending that are based on true stories.

Even better - these are the methods we are learning at the Master Key Experience, so that we, too, can fulfil our dreams - our Definite Major Purpose - no matter how impossible or ridiculous they might seem to other people. I certainly have a DMP backed by a burning desire, I have some POA's and will continue to add more, I have a PMA most of the time - I need to improve on that one, and I have supportive MMA's who help me to stay on track on my journey with the Master Key Experience. According to my DMP; I will meet other MMA's in the future - namely the staff at my retreat in the south of Spain (read all about it in my future Press Release) as well as a group of MMA's who helps raise money for charities and animal rescue organisations.

PS: This is my main bog post for Week 14. My addendum post is here.

be the journey
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Attention, fellow MKE students!
If you want me to link to your post about any of the movies this week,
please drop me a line in the comments below.

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Laura has written about 'October Sky' as well in this blog post.
Breege has written about 'Rudy' in this blog post.


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